Heavy - Duty

Heavy-Duty 470 XS

Like all Heavy-Duty XS models, the 470 is featured with a cart-like grip, an extra stability and an extra lift. The usage of two speedtubes reduces the contact surface with the water at higher speed, and thus resulting in greater stability. All XS models are equipped with a dark colored safety rope from bow to stern and an exceptionally resistant aluminum floor. Powered by a 55HP outboard motor this boat will get you quickly to your favorite diving or offshore…

Heavy-Duty 415 XS

Like all XS series of boats, the 415 is equipped with an exceptionally resistant aluminum floor, a bow to stern safety rope and rounded cones on the tubes, giving the craft a truly elegant, robust and eye catching appearance with a total length of just over 4 meters. From bow to transom this model measures almost 3 meters inside space and it offers the possibility for increased engine power. If powered with a 30HP outboard the Heavy-Duty 415 XS is…

Heavy-Duty 365 XS

For diving, patrolling or offshore fishing, you should consider the Heavy-Duty range. Like all XS series the 365 is equipped with an aluminum floor boards and with handles on the inner side of the tube. Thanks to the reinforced anti slip tube, boarding becomes easy and effortless.



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